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Air Conditioner for Heating

quote-for-air-conditionerDid you know that you can use your air conditioner for heating? Well, you can. And what’s even better is that it is a much more cost and energy efficient way of heating your home when the icy Joburg winter hits! All you need is an inverter air conditioner. While an inverter air conditioner typically costs more than a standard non-inverter air conditioner initially, you get so much more out of it. In the long run, the cost savings in your running costs will more than make up the difference.

Reasons to use an air conditioner for heating

They are more energy efficient

Air conditioners supply far more energy than they consume, which makes them the most efficient of all heating devices.

They are more economic

Aircons are up to 50% more cost effective than standard electric heaters and up to 60% more cost effective than gas! Your monthly electricity bill during the winter months will look a LOT friendlier than if you were running an electric heater or having to fill gas bottles.

Do your bit to help save the planet

We could all do with changing a few habits and opting for more environmentally friendly products. The saving of energy is always a solid contribution to making our planet a little bit greener.    

air conditioner for heatingWhy an inverter air conditioner vs a standard air conditioner?

A standard air conditioner delivers a fixed amount of power while an inverter air conditioner varies the speed of the compressors to deliver precise cooling or heating as required. For the standard air conditioner, the compressor has to stop and start to maintain the desired room temperature which increases wear and tear. With the inverter, the compressor operates at a high speed when initially switched on, to quickly heat or cool a room. As the room temperature approaches the set temperature, the compressor slows down, maintaining a constant temperature while saving energy. Any fluctuation in the room temperature will be sensed and instantly adjusted to bring the room temperature back to the set temperature.

Benefits of using an inverter air conditioner

  • Quicker startup time – you’ll have toasty toes in no time!
  • A 25% to 50% reduction in running costs – reduce your monthly electricity bill.
  • Cleaner air output – a great health benefit for everyone.
  • A constant comfortable temperature – no need for layering up.
  • No loose heater to store in the summer months – not everyone has the storage space.
    The better the quality of the air conditioner – assuming it is regularly serviced and kept in good repair – the more efficient the heating aspect of the unit is likely to be. We highly recommend Samsung air conditioners and encourage you to regularly service your aircons to make sure that you are getting the best usage out of them. Samsung units have a 5 year parts and labour warranty + 10 year warranty on the Inverter compressor if maintained on a service contract. Decrease your winter heating costs with an inverter air conditioner from Air Ace Airconditioning. Contact us today for a quote.

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